Tuesday, October 13, 2015


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Breaker Breaker this is Nutmeg calling for the Silver Fox.  You got your ears on Silver Fox?  How about the Heisey lady?  Good.  Yes, this is Nutmeg heading up the turnpike with The Medicine Man, Rag Doll and the Little Cracker.  We just passed a Smokey.  Hope he catches that Fighter Pilot that is about to cause a pileup.  Need us to stop and get some bread for dinner to go with the spaghetti.  Copy that.  Catch you in a few.  10-4

Until I went to college I assumed that all families communicated via CB's.  Not sure why I didn't put it together that most people didn't have the CB sitting on the counter in the kitchen or have them mounted in their cars, but I didn't think we were different than anybody else.  In my Food Science class at UT my lab partner assured me that we were not the norm.  I think we were using nutmeg as a spice when I told him that was my handle.  He couldn't wait to hear more so I told him the families names.  I ran into him this weekend and he still couldn't let it go.    

Grandpa- Silver Fox
Uncle Kyle- Gray Fox
Grandma- Heisey Lady
Minnow (known only to those who didn't really know her as Muriel)- The Little Fish 
Dad- The Medicine Man.  I mean he was a Pharmacist right
Mom- The Rag Doll
Graham- The Little Cracker.  

We would talk to each other on the one hour trip to and from Lorain.  Telling each other our "20" and when we think we would arrive.  We would listen to it to see how traffic was and to try and avoid the speed traps.  When we were at Grandma's the CB on the counter was also a scanner so we would listen to that for fun or to find out what the sirens were for.  

I think we were just ahead of our time really.  It was before cell phones so it was a good way to communicate on the road.  But even better you got to socialize with people you didn't really know. Mostly truckers which might explain my potty mouth.  You never saw their faces but for a few brief moments you interacted with somebody and listened to what they had to say.  If you didn't like it, you turned the channel.  Sometimes people shared too much and sometimes they told lies.  I think I just discovered that the CB was really the first Social Media.  

Well, I need to take a 10-200 and get another 100 Mile Coffee so I am signing off.  10-4

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