Friday, August 1, 2014

Everything has a price

My grandmother was an antique dealer.  She specialized in glass, particularly Heisey glass.  Heisey was a fine glass company in Newark, Ohio. They had many patterns of glassware and were known for their glass figurines.  Grandma never did anything halfway and she didn't go halfway with Heisey.   She knew more about Heisey glass than anybody, really. I remember her being on a local news program discussing Heisey.  I would go to the Heisey convention with Grandma and she was the queen of the convention. She got called in to do estate sales where there was a lot of glass.  If you wanted to know if the stuff you found in somebody's yard sale was worth anything you called Grandma.  Her CB handle was the Heisey Lady.  The basement had shelves on all the walls and were filled with glass.  Everything had a little white sticker with Grandma's inventory code and a price.  Very good business practice.  The thing is, it didn't stop at the basement.  Everything in the house was for sale.  It only made sense to decorate the house with beautiful antiques if you were a antique dealer, right?  But most people would probably take the price off.  Having a party at Grandma's?  Somebody get the punch bowl out and get the price tag off so we can use it.   Some of those price tags had been on there so long they were never coming off.  I even found on the other day in my Grandmother Remember's book.  Grandma thought her memories were worth 10.95. I would disagree.  So one day we decided to play a little joke.  We were having a shower or a party for something.  Beautiful party as always.  Punch in the beautiful Heisey punch bowl.  Some of that green pistachio jello pudding and cool whip salad.  Those really yummy butter mints that melt in your mouth.  All served on little disposable plates each with a handwritten price tag lovingly placed on the bottom.   

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