Monday, July 28, 2014

How it all began...

When most kids ask their grandparents how they met they get a lovely story of childhood sweethearts or love at first sight.  Not us Little's. I don't think we ever really got the real story (about most things), but what we were told was always interesting.  I got two different stories.  Grandma says it went something like this.  She had a date with a young man and while they were out they ran into this boy's friend Bill.  She thought he was a snazzy dresser and he had a nice car so when he called to ask her out she ditched the first boy and started going with Grandpa.  In my Grandmother Remembers book that she completed for me  she says when they were dating they liked to go dancing, skating or necking.  They would go to Lakeview Park in Lorain and watch for submarines. (No there were not really submarines in Lake Erie). She says in the book that Grandpa said he liked her because she was a good girl and a terrific lover ( Ok. Ewwwww).

Now for Grandpa's side of the story.  He said that one morning he woke up with the most god-awful headache and didn't know where he was. He rolled over and poked the girl next to him and said "who the hell are you?"  She said "I'm Maddie Kohart, who the hell are you?"  He then said, "I'm Bill Little and you are just my size". The rest is history.

I suspect there is a little bit of truth in both the stories.

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