Friday, July 25, 2014

Pass the open butter

Why am I doing this blog?  I love our family stories. Most people did not have the pleasure of  growing up with Bill and Maddie Little as grandparents. I remember as kids hearing other kids talk about their grandmother knit and bake cookies.  Mine was drinking scotch and racing Corvettes.  These stories are how I remember them. They might not be the way my brother or my cousins remember. I am certain that my parents don't remember them this way, but these are my memories and I like them just the way they are.  When you are a kid you don't have the backstory. You don't know that some of your relatives are assholes or idiots.  You don't know that certain relatives don't speak to each other because of some petty thing that happened years ago.  You just think that is normal and go with it.  My intention with this memoir is to put these memories down so I don't forget them and so hopefully my kids will enjoy them.  Everything that I say is in love and if someone comes to me and asks me to take something down I will.  I don't want anyone's feelings to be hurt.  I love every person who is named in this blog and I am only writing for entertainment.  So why the name of the blog?  Let the stories begin...

So it was a typical family dinner.  Not a special occasion. I don't even remember what we had but I am sure it was one of Grandma's 5 meals- 1. Spaghetti 2. Meat pie. 3. Grandma Little Chicken. 4. Roast Beef and Kielbasa ( special nights) 5. Bean Soup with more peppercorns than most people see in an entire year.  Anyway one of us kids asked somebody to pass the butter. It was actually Fleichsman's butter substitute but anyway...  Somebody picked it up and started to pass it.  Grandpa Little jumped out of his seat and yelled not that butter, use the GD open butter.  We all stopped and were scared shitless.  It was a crime worse than murder. Using the new butter before the old butter was completely (and I mean down to the last drop) scrapped out.  Whoever committed the sin quickly found the open butter and passed it.  It only took a moment for somebody to then ask to have the open butter passed to them. We giggled and then it was game on. Open butter jokes all over the place.  Not sure what was funnier, the open butter jokes or the fact that Aunt Minnow never did get the joke. I remember her saying "O for crying out loud, what is so funny".   So, if you ever come to dinner with the Little's, for God's sake pass the open butter

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