Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How not to get syphilis

When Graham and I were kids we would go and spend weeks at a time at my Grandparents in the summer.  Never together because we fought so much, but I would go for a week and then Graham would go for a week.  Graham usually ended up staying longer.  I think because my mom was enjoying the quiet so much.  (Calm down Graham I am not saying it was because you weren't there but because we weren't at home together. I have experienced the constant bickering children apart experience this summer and let me tell you - it is wonderful.  I highly recommend it for one's sanity and decreasing one's wine intake).  I also think that Grandma liked having Graham around because it gave Grandpa something to do.  The man could never sit still and had been known to drive to Value City in Elyria three times in one week to see if they had any good deals on coats.  If Graham wasn't there Grandma had a good chance of missing General Hospital and this was before VCR's so you can imagine how tragic it was when she missed, especially on a Friday.

So anyway, one time Graham gets home for who knows how long at Grandma and Grandpa's and he starts talking about  what they did while he was up there. (mind you Graham was not even 13 at this time) He then asks Mom, what is syphilis? My mom says where did you hear about syphilis?  Graham says Grandpa and I went to see the Untouchables and I asked Grandpa how Al Capone died.  He told me he died of syphilis.  I asked him what syphilis was and he told me that I didn't have to worry about it if I would keep my GD pecker in my pants.

You know- he was right.  He was right about a lot of things even if the way that he taught us was a little unconventional.  

Picture taken of Graham Little at Mill Hollow by Bill Little.  Browns Jacket and Hat- $35 from Sears.  Moon boots and rainbow gloves-$25 from Value City.  Spending time with your Grandpa- Priceless

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